How to make money with your voice?

It is possible to use your voice to earn money at home and it’s really not that complicated. Discover several ideas to allow you to test the voice-over solution at home.

Can you really make money with your voice?

The majority of work opportunities while traveling involve writing or talking on the phone. Did you know that you can earn money for using your voice on the web? Whether you love to sing or do voiceovers, there are many and varied options for getting paid to use your voice on the web.

When it comes to earning money while traveling, the majority of people think of writing, designing internet platforms, etc. Few people turn to using the voice to earn money at home or outside. In addition, there is nothing really complicated in this activity. Discover several ideas that will allow you to test the voice-over at home.

How to generate money with your voice?
Here are the possibilities to generate money with your voice alone.

Design audio books
Audiobooks are increasingly popular because they are an excellent option for people who want to do two things at the same time: listen to a book and do housework or cook at the same time. Taking advantage of an audiobook is a very good option to learn, if not one of the best. We strongly recommend that you listen to audiobooks at 2x speed on your iPhone since it offers the possibility of better digesting the information.

Sale of radio commercials
It is possible to do this work at home by using your voice to offer radio advertisements. Multiple radio stations are turning to the services of individuals like you and me for the purpose of designing advertisements. It is possible to do it from the comfort of your home with a quality microphone, good soundproofing and modern audio editing software. We advise you to search for places seeking voices for radio commercials, this could be internet radio stations or podcasters.

Voice over for commercials
Commercial dubbing is a great way to make money at home using your voice. There are web platforms that hire individuals to perform the voice acting in their advertisements. These professions are also quite simple to achieve once you have refined your method.

If you’re looking to run ads, we recommend building a portfolio of ads using your voice for the purpose of getting a demo to pass on to potential customers. Find places that employ people to design ads and send them a demo to get started now. make money with your voice

And finally, voiceover for videos
One of the most famous professions for working from home is using your voice via voiceover for videos. This is to design a video, an advertisement, etc. and use your voice to narrate. On the web, many platforms are looking for individuals in relation to these voice-overs.

The famous YouTube site is full of a ton of videos made by individuals, many of whom would love to have a professional voice over on their video. All you have to do is find a relevant and effective way to make yourself known to this group. It is also possible to become a user of voice-over sites by offering your services for a set price.

How much can you earn with your voice?
According to the portal, the amount you can earn varies depending on the type of project performed, the duration of the recordings and various elements.

The platform includes an extremely practical rate sheet so that you can define in which range your rates should fall. These range from $100 to $2,000 per project. Nevertheless, there are large-scale projects revealing an almost limitless potential.


What are the sites that allow you to earn money with your voice?
Here are three specialized sites offering you the possibility of earning money: Vocali, or Primevoices. Discover other sites allowing you to earn money with your voice.

Freelancer on the famous Upwork portal
Here is a reputable platform for freelancers who can offer a wide range of skills. Upwork is great for finding freelance writing or design jobs. On this portal there are also opportunities for singers.

You will only have to register on the platform to find the offers that interest you. There are offers on this world famous site for reports on songs, producers, vocal groups and many other types of work that require singing and using your voice. The price of each contract changes according to the nature of the work and the Internet user who is committed to your services.

Book Narration via ACX
Do you have a wonderful voice? In this case, you can earn pennies by performing audiobook narration. The group is a platform for authors to turn their books into audiobooks.

Storytellers who want to be paid for audio recording opportunities can create a profile on the portal. They will then have the possibility to download the samples. Then, they will be able to make proposals in relation to contracts.

Offer singing lessons on the web thanks to
If you have singing skills, it is possible to earn money by offering singing lessons on the web to French students. gives you the ability to offer voice training lessons and courses that are conducted only over the Internet.

You will only have to design a professional profile on this web portal in order to highlight your know-how and all your abilities. Then, the platform will manage reservations and payments for your students, so that you only have to … teach!

Voice-over work via Ear Works
Ear Works is a quality media site offering voice-over services and services related to writing, video and audio design.
The portal hires voice-overs for the projects of its clientele.
Take into account that there are localization requirements to become a voiceover with this company.

Audiovisual: which company for a voiceover?
If you work in audiovisual, you have probably already needed to place a voiceover on a project. It can be in a documentary video, a series, a film, a clip, an advertisement… The voice-over is very often present in videos, but it requires real work. Both in terms of interpretation, writing the text and recording. If you need a voiceover for a project, you can contact this voiceover agency.

It will be necessary to give some indications concerning your project to allow your interlocutors to better understand your needs. They will be able to offer you a recording with an actor with a voice that suits you, on time and according to your budget. The agency will also take care of all the post-production stages.

And if you need to have a voiceover in a language other than French, there will be no problem. The agency works with actors of all nationalities, or who know several different languages. You will thus be guaranteed to receive a voiceover that perfectly matches your project, and as soon as possible.

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