How to Get Paid to Watch Ads

Are you looking for powerful applications with which you can earn money? We are going to present you applications allowing it. In order to inflate your wallet, you will only have to watch advertisements. Watching ads doesn’t take a lot of time. In any case, it is an excellent solution to earn extra money during your free time. A little further down, you will discover our TOP applications to earn money by viewing advertisements.

Can you really make money watching ads?

Earn money with your mobile by viewing advertisements: it is quite possible. Indeed, there are more and more applications allowing you to earn money via an iPhone or an Android. It is possible to choose between several types of paid applications. There are applications that can be passive and others that require a certain investment. Before we start, let’s define some technical words. In the world of remunerative internet, two kinds of portals exist.

PTC (Pay To Click) means: paid to click. Concretely, this means clicking on links and watching advertisements or reading web pages. Pay is per click.

GPT (Get Pay To) means: paid for. There, you have to perform simplistic actions such as completing surveys, making your web purchases through partner portals or even playing games.

The majority of sites that offer the possibility of earning money on the web offer these two types of remuneration. At the same time, another similar practice is developing: earning money for liking pages on social networks Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

How much can you earn by watching ads?
Are you looking for an application to easily and quickly earn money by simply viewing advertisements? There are a multitude of such applications. So, in order to avoid scams, preferably go to one of the portals offered below. In order to make ends meet, watching advertisements to earn money is a good solution. Of course, don’t expect to earn a substantial salary this way. However, this can allow you to earn several tens of euros per month, it can even go beyond 50 euros if you are serious. Discover five qualitative applications to earn money by watching advertisements.

Swag Bucks
Here is the richest and most fun income-generating application on the web! It is possible to earn money by watching advertising videos lasting up to thirty seconds, but also by completing paid surveys, testing other applications and playing games. We strongly recommend that you view advertisements in order to earn money. Nevertheless, you also have at your disposal with Swagbucks a multitude of ways to optimize your kitty.

This application to earn money by watching ads is a real must! In addition, five euros are offered for registration. Only weak point: the application is only available in English (for now).

This is an instant messaging application (hence the similarity of the name with Whatsapp) which allows you to earn Wowcoins (which can be converted into euros) as you use the application. . In addition to advertising, you will be able to acquire Wowcoins by watching advertising videos, taking part in bingo, making purchases on partner platforms and completing the offers offered.

This application is rather fun and offers you the possibility of exchanging messages with your friends. In order to have pocket money at the end of the month, choose Wowapp! Sponsorship offers a bonus on eight levels. Therefore, the more your referrals contribute to the invitation of people, the more you earn!

This is an application to earn money mainly by downloading other applications. However, you can also earn tokens by watching advertising videos. These can then be traded with raffle tickets to try to pocket five dollars (daily draw) or one hundred dollars (monthly draw). It’s up to you to choose whether you want to try to win less but take advantage of better chances of winning, or the opposite!

Featurepoints is a great app to get you some coins. Of course, you won’t get rich. However, do not hesitate to try this application to make ends meet.


Here is a free lottery application where the payment of your tickets is done with advertising! It is indeed real money that is offered on this application. The concept is very similar to Euromillions (five digits + two stars). Every day, two jackpots (taking place at noon and evening) of a sum of up to 25,000 euros are offered. With Bravoloto, there is also a super jackpot and a mega jackpot worth a substantial million euros!

Each draw gives you a set number of points. Apart from the basic raffles, you will be able to enjoy contests, challenges and a trade where you can use your points on shopping vouchers and grid bonuses. Notable strong point: the presence of a sponsorship program offering 10% of the jackpot winnings of your referrals. Thus, if a godson earns 500,000 euros, you pocket 50,000 euros!

Here is a multi-paying application offering you the possibility of earning money by watching videos, but also by completing paid surveys and taking part in a multitude of offers. One thing is certain: Lucky Cash is an excellent multi-remunerative application. Take into account that sponsorship on this portal allows you to earn 500 points for the sponsor and the godson. Finally, be aware that it is possible to withdraw your earnings from 5000 points (which is worth five dollars).

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