How to make money teaching online

In this category of the directory with good plans are referenced the sites that allow you to earn money by giving private lessons online.

More and more people, students or not, are looking to learn at a distance for practical reasons. And it is for this reason that the sites presented in this category meet for some a growing success.

Giving private lessons to make ends meet is a solution that can be quite effective. For example, there is the Live Mentor site, which therefore makes it possible to give private lessons on the Internet, and by chatting by email with one of the founders of this site, I was able to learn that some of their private teachers had earned up to to 10,000 euros or more thanks to this activity (this discussion dates back to the end of 2015 so I imagine that since then the most involved teachers have certainly earned more).

Most often online private lessons are done by Skype conversation, so it is important to have a microphone and a webcam for this kind of activity.

To teach as many students as possible, and thus earn more and more money, it is also important to complete your profile, even in the smallest details. Posting a photo of himself on his profile is also a good solution to more easily gain the trust of potential students.

Finally, the most important detail of all – whether for tutoring or other sites that help find a job – is customer reviews. The more positive reviews you manage to accumulate on your profile or ad page, the more potential customers you will get in return. Customer reviews are the sinews of war for selling services (or products) online.

If you do not find what you are looking for in the list of sites presented in this category, you can take a look at the category dedicated to jobbing sites which also allow you to sell private lessons online but which are not specialized in this field. certainly less effective.

The best sites to give private lessons online

MyMentor is a site that allows students to be paid for giving private lessons. The objective of the teachers is to increase the average of the students by a few points by following them throughout the year and thus to be paid regularly

Would you like to give private lessons? Edulide is a platform for connecting students and private teachers that allows you to find students without any connection fees throughout France and in all subjects. is a worldwide educational service. It is a site intended for students and people wishing to teach a foreign language or any other field with qualified teachers.

Apprentus is a site that allows you to earn money by giving private lessons online or live. Thanks to Apprentus – which is one of the largest networks of private lessons in Europe – you can easily find, near your home,

Live Mentor
LiveMentor is a site that offers to earn money by giving private lessons – school or extra-curricular – online. This site is a reference in the field of private lessons on the internet and has more than 2000 “mentors”.

Qwerteach is a site that allows you to earn money by giving private lessons online, mainly school subjects such as math, physics, chemistry, biology, English, etc…

Superprof is a site that allows you to earn money by giving private lessons online or live. Thanks to Superprof – which is an essential reference in the field of private lessons in France as in other countries

The website offers private lessons, tutoring, homework help and remote homework help, childcare, announcements of private lessons to students and teachers.

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