How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to monetize your website in order to generate income? Know that there are several possibilities to achieve this objective: advertising, affiliation, e-commerce, etc. In this article we will focus on affiliation. Very common on content websites, affiliation allows you to earn money passively. Only a qualified audience is enough. We’ll tell you more right now ;).

Membership: what is it?

You have probably already noticed while surfing the web that many sites display sponsored links or attractive advertisements. The goal is always the same: to encourage you to click. These links that refer to external sites are not there to look good or to serve you. This is called affiliate marketing.

In fact, affiliation consists of promoting the products and/or services of another site, with the aim of earning income. Whoever promotes these products or services is then called the affiliate. Whoever offers remuneration to the affiliate is then called the advertiser. The affiliate is paid by the advertiser.

There are several ways to earn money with affiliation: for each sale generated, for each lead (form filling, subscription to a newsletter, callback request, etc.), or even for each click ( it is more rare).

If you want to make money with your blog through affiliation, there are different solutions.

Earn money with affiliation: the different solutions
Several solutions exist to earn money through affiliation on the internet. To be precise, there are three main ones: going through affiliate platforms, taking advantage of sponsorship programs, or even going through direct affiliate programs with advertisers.

Affiliate platforms

The simplest and most widespread solution on the web these days is to go through affiliate platforms. These sites act as intermediaries between affiliates looking to monetize their audience, and advertisers looking to promote their products or services.

Thus, an advertiser who sells mobile plans, for example, can offer via an affiliate platform tracked affiliate links for each of his plans, and remuneration based on clicks, leads or subscriptions generated by the affiliate.

To earn money, the affiliate only has to promote this advertiser’s mobile plans on its website, and encourage its visitors to click on these links and subscribe to one of these offers.

We have only talked about text links to illustrate our example, but the affiliate can very well promote these products or services via advertising banners in addition to textual supports.

Some examples of known affiliate platforms:

Time One
Sponsorship programs

In recent years, many bloggers have started to exploit the very profitable vein of sponsorship programs. When the size of your audience is still small and you are sometimes denied access to affiliate programs from certain advertisers, referral programs are an excellent alternative to monetize your site.

Popularized by online banks, sponsorship consists of promoting the products or services of a brand of which you are already a customer to other people. If a person subscribes to the service or buys the product in question, then the affiliate (here called “sponsor”) receives a bonus, and the subscriber also (here called “godchild”). These bonuses are paid by the advertiser.

The remuneration linked to this type of program can be very attractive (up to €150 for some online banks). However, with the appearance of sites that connect potential sponsors and godchildren, almost all advertisers have limited the number of sponsorships possible each year. For example, Boursorama Banque limits the number of sponsorships to 10 per year. This allows them to control their marketing expenses related to this recruitment channel to a minimum.

Earning money through sponsorship gives access to often higher remuneration, but has the disadvantage of having to be a client of the advertiser yourself.

Affiliate programs without intermediary
Finally, come the affiliate programs managed directly by advertisers. Some advertisers do not want to go through affiliate platforms in order to avoid the intermediate commission. Thus the advertiser can offer more attractive remuneration to its affiliates, or on the contrary save money on its expenses related to affiliate marketing.

Often, this type of affiliation is reserved for very large advertisers. Indeed, managing your own affiliate program is not easy. For example, Amazon and Rakuten offer their own partner program, with a platform developed in-house and dedicated to this activity.

Some advertisers, small or large, do not offer their affiliate program in free registration on the internet. It is then they themselves who contact potential affiliates to offer them to set up affiliation for their brand.

Amazon affiliation: the bestseller?
Amazon Affiliate is central to many website publisher monetization strategies. Indeed, the complete offer proposed by this merchant site makes it possible to respond to all requests. To do so, offer buying guides, comparisons and tests. This will allow you to position yourself on Google and thus generate commissions via the Amazon partner program.

How to set up membership
Through your website blog
Blog posts are a quick and easy way to set up your affiliate links. If you write useful and properly SEO-optimized content, then you can get your first visitors pretty quickly.

It is then up to you to distill your affiliate links properly and subtly enough to encourage your readers to click on them and subscribe to the proposed offer.

A word of advice: do not stuff your texts with advertising content. It would be counterproductive because you would scare your readers away in no time. It’s all about dosage. Bring value to your readers, and your affiliate links will be viewed positively.

Via social networks
A little more complicated than via a blog, promoting in affiliation via social networks requires having a minimum number of subscribers. However, social networks are very powerful and profitable if your audience is qualified and trusts you.

Instagram has become the headquarters of many influencers, who are paid either for the simple publication of a sponsored post, or for each lead or sale generated.

Earning money with affiliation on social networks has become commonplace in 2021.

Via email
Finally, if you have a qualified and sizeable opt-in base, email marketing is an excellent way to earn money with affiliation. Contrary to what many people think, emailing is not dead, quite the contrary! It is still for many companies the most profitable communication channel.

Be careful not to neglect the quality of the content sent: it is now very easy to unsubscribe from a mailing list!

What is the best solution to boost your conversions with affiliation?
If, like more and more professionals in the web world, you are looking for a real solution to generate conversions with affiliation, we could only recommend that you do affiliate marketing with

It is indeed an alternative that is very interesting to be able to give a real boost to its conversions and especially to have more income at the end of the month. During these rather difficult and very complicated times that we are currently experiencing, all solutions are good to be able to have a little more traffic and income thanks to your website.
By using a real affiliate marketing platform, you will finally be able to benefit from a real guide who will help you on a daily basis.

Currently, some platforms available on the market work with more than 10,000 partners around the world, with very big names in industries as diverse as they are varied:

home with gas companies for example;
the world of banking with certain international banks;
dating sites, which are still a hit this year;
security companies and in particular large anti-virus software;
and many more!

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