How to make money with Netflix?

For years, Netflix has been one of the most reputable portals for watching series, films and web documentaries. Most of the content is aimed at young audiences, hence its popularity among millennials and the fact that it has generated a lot of interest in order to earn money by selling Netflix accounts. This platform is the largest video streaming service internationally. Netflix is ​​offered in 190 countries with over 109 million users. The portal is a streaming service offering a great selection of TV series, movies, anime, documentaries, and various award-winning programs.

You will find out how to earn money via Netflix and how to sell Netflix accounts. However, before you start, be aware that this is not an activity that you should perform commercially since it may be sanctioned by Netflix. Indeed, the sale of Netflix accounts is not legal as it happens on the deep web.

Can you really make money with Netflix?

Earning money through Netflix doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have several Netflix accounts, be aware that it is possible to sell them. In order to know how, just keep reading this article. You will learn all the methods to sell Netflix accounts to earn money.

Obviously, don’t expect to become a millionaire via Netflix even if you put your time into it. Despite everything, the famous platform is a relevant solution if you want to earn money by doing something you love. If you are looking for an option to generate extra money, Netflix is ​​a good choice. Without investing too much time and energy, you can supplement your monthly income.

Multiple Netflix accounts being sold right now are stolen accounts. You will discover a little later in the article a way to sell Netflix accounts, which can be useful if you want to earn money easily.

How to generate money with Netflix?
In order to get started, we strongly recommend that you start selling your Netflix accounts to your friends, family and close friends. Offer them only to trusted friends. It is not advisable to start such an activity on a large scale.

In order to know how to offer Netflix accounts in a moderately correct way and earn more money via Netflix each month, here are the different steps to follow:

Choose four family members and/or trusted friends: it is essential to choose trusted individuals since this activity is not so correct. So, you can help your family and trusted friends by providing access to your Netflix account cheaper and earning money easily.
Design your Netflix Premium account: such an account is offered at 15.99 euros and you must design it to provide access to other members: those you selected in the first phase above.
Define the price of each sale: the sale price will be 15.99 euros divided between four users, which corresponds to 3.99 euros + your profit without going beyond a value of 8.99 for a basic account . You can therefore earn between two or three euros per user by offering access to your Netflix account.
Take care of the payments via Paypal: each payment can be made through the Paypal platform even for subscriptions with regular payments.
Offer access to users: offer access to each member!
As you can see, it is possible to offer Netflix accounts as rent and therefore have money each month.

How much can you earn with Netflix?
It is possible to earn two or three euros per member by offering access to your Netflix account. For payments, as you saw a little above, you will have to use the famous Paypal portal. Regarding users, the price of a Netflix account ordered on the eBay platform is significantly less expensive than a paid offer purchased on the streaming portal. Therefore, you will make significant savings.

Is it legal to sell Netflix accounts?
You have seen it: earning money via Netflix is ​​not very complicated. Selling Netflix accounts is illegal according to Netflix and its many policies. It is strongly recommended that this activity be carried out between a few like-minded members and in a cautious manner. Implementing the ideas in this article gives you a great way to earn some pennies through the most reputable streaming service. However, keep in mind that you should continually perform this activity at your own risk.


Are you a fan of the Netflix portal but your budget does not allow you to subscribe to the most famous streaming service? Are you looking for an inexpensive paid Netflix offer to watch your favorite movies, documentaries and cartoons? Take advantage of this technique which will give you the possibility of acquiring an inexpensive Netflix account for less than ten euros.

Keep in mind that it is completely illegal to acquire a Netflix account outside of the official site. This article is not intended to get you to disobey the law. If you wish to acquire a Netflix account via the eBay platform, it is your concern: you will act knowingly. Take into account that the accounts offered outside the streaming platform are certainly stolen. Another possibility: the seller shares your Netflix Premium account (four screens) for only a few euros.

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