Tips for getting started effectively on social media

According to statistics, it is estimated that people around the world spend an average of 2 hours 17 minutes daily on social media. To launch your business, being present on the right channels has become essential. It’s a simple way to attract new customers, make your product known and increase your audience. But what if you don’t know anything about social networks? Read these 5 tips for beginners.

Choose the right social networks for your business
Before you start posting, be sure to choose where you are going to post. It is useless to be present on all social networks, just choose the right ones and develop your account there. Here is a short guide to the different social networks.

Facebook is the most used social network in the world with almost 3 billion monthly active members. It is a network that goes everywhere where you can create a professional page and even in a group to promote your product. It allows you to easily create an active community around the theme of your activity.

Instagram is a social network based on the visual above all. Several publication formats are available on this media: photos, stories and reels. If your target audience is primarily millennials or Gen Zers, investing in Instagram can be a good thing. Find out here how to promote your business through this network.

Twitter stands out for its great interactivity. Users easily relay the publications that interest them. It’s a good way to gain visibility. Use it to share strong messages around your values.

A newcomer to the world of Social Media, TikTok has won over many users since its few years of existence. This social network, intended for the creation of short videos, can help you promote your brand in a more lively and authentic way.

LinkedIn is a BtoB social network reserved for professionals. If your audience is entrepreneurs or professionals, it may be worth creating a LinkedIn profile to publicize your business.

Create responsive posts

Responsive posts are a great way to get your name out there on social media. The more your posts generate reactions, the more they will be visible to many people. For this, use emotional marketing.

You can create publications in your field that will:

have fun
Make people outraged
Talking about strong values
If your post is strong enough, it can easily generate shares, likes, or comments. Thus, you establish a memorable brand image with your target.

Do competitive intelligence

A good tip for getting started on social networks is to monitor the posts that work. To do this, subscribe to people who are in the same field as you and see how they maintain their social networks.

Note the patterns they use for their release sequences.
Look at the types of posts that work the most on social media.
Take inspiration from these posts to build your community.
Social media: work with micro-influencers
Asking micro-influencers to promote your products allows you to quickly gain an audience and make yourself known to a large audience.

Micro-influencers, cheaper than influencers, can be a good investment when you are just starting out. However, if possible, collaborate with micro-influencers who are in the same field as you, as they may already have a community that is interested in your products.

Create events on your social networks

Finally, make yourself known by creating events on social networks such as contests, promotions, or live streams. Not only do events help you get more subscribers, but they can also help you generate sales.

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